South America

Mike and Pastor Franklin from Beruri, Amazonas, Brazil.

The largest Catholic nation in the world, with almost 75% of the population identifying as such, yet many do not practice the teachings. In addition to Catholicism, Pentecostal ministries have grown as well. However, many of the churches and pastors find themselves lacking in doctrinal knowledge, ministry training and preparation for ministry. In the Amazon basin, there are indigenous villages that either have minimal interaction with the gospel or none at all. With an estimated 33,000 villages and over 1.5 million people living in the Amazon basin, the need for trained pastors and leaders is great. Many ministries do not reach more than 100 miles from the major cities. At Mathetai, we have taken boats 36 hours up the river, walked 12 hours to remote villages, and forged relationships with pastors in towns and villages all along the way. We have seen many indigenous tribes asking for help in training up a local church leader, and longing for solid teaching and discipleship.

Our desire is to work with established churches and ministries, as well as reach out to remote villages to connect them with local teaching. The need for pastors and leaders trained in Biblical doctrine and practical ministry is great as the prevalence of false teachings abound.

Kevin and Pastor Natan sharing in the Scriptures.

We began our work in the Amazon at the town of Beruri. Within a few years, we hosted trainings in Novo Airao, and continued north to multiple tribes stretching to Santa Isabel (near the Venezuelan border). In 2020, Mathetai will continue to minister in Beruri, Novo Airao and start in Anama (all small cities along the Purus River), and work with indigenous tribal leaders to train up pastors and plant churches in multiple villages along the Black River. We will be recruiting pastors from southern Brazil, as well as including local leaders and ministers from across the globe.