Due to security concerns with several countries in this region, some information may be vague. Please keep these believers in prayer as they face persecution and other great challenges in living their faith.


There are approximately 3 billion unreached people in the world who have never heard the gospel. This can be due to several reasons; they may live in an area where there aren’t any Christians, where Christianity and the Bible are illegal, or where they simply don’t have access to Gospel materials.

We travelled with members from Saving Grace World Mission to visit a country that is home to approximately 1.3 billion of those unreached peoples. That’s right, almost half of all unreached people live in South Asia.

Our group including pastors, pastors’ wives, and missions-minded believers

At the end of October, we held several conferences in Bible Schools and churches in several regions in order to better equip the national Christians to persevere in the face of rising persecution and to better reach their unsaved neighbors.

In addition, we travelled into some remote villages where the name of Jesus has never been spoken until now, where the people have lived and died for generations without the gospel, and where God is doing a new work. Not only did we edify and build up His church in these areas, but we also were a part of establishing new churches and Bible Colleges in these areas so that those who are getting saved can receive training in the Word of God to then return to their own villages and start Bible studies which will grow into churches.