Purposeful Faith


As children, we are often inquisitive, interested and fascinated by the world around us and the people that surround us. The perennial question manifests itself in the simple form, “Why?” “Why should I do this… Why can’t I do that… Why does this happen… Why… Why… Why? This unending barrage of seeking for our children can be exasperating for a parent who is struggling to find reasons themselves, or have failed to ask for the reason.

Unfortunately, this question is often lost in adults as we tend to assume and accept that this is simply the way things are, and we do things simply because we should. However, “Why?” is one of the best questions we can ask regarding our faith. Why did God create rather than not create? Why does God set forth 613 commandments in the Law? Why those specific commandments and not others? Why should I resist sin, isn’t it fun and pleasurable? Why should I read the Bible, pray, etc? Why am I a Christian? Why do things in this creation operate the way they do?

Such questions will lead to a greater purpose in our adherence to the teachings of the Scriptures and understanding of the purpose of our God. God does not act spuriously, but has an intention in all of His actions and requirements. God is purposeful and desires for us to follow Him with purpose. Don’t be afraid or complacent about asking this all important question and seeking answers. Make the life of faith one of purpose and intention, where you know why you do the things you do, so that you are able to give an answer for why you follow God when asked.

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